Chronicles of an Ideal village

Here I am to say you

A story

A different one

A story a of a village

which is already living a dream of us – about our country.

It was not a dream anymore , as a village from kerala really is following the path of glory of our country.

I happened to see this village during my visit to see ONAM festival on behalf of Telangana state to ONAM Celebrations by KYS ( Kerala Yuva Samithi).

(Rather than sharing my bunch of experiences I would like to put the things which were unique in this place, which makes this a ideal model for the country)



Sorry, I didn’t reveal the name till now. The village name is KARINGULAM. which is located 30 KMS away from Pallakad Railway station.

This village is in border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. and also called as GATEWAY OF KERALA.

LOCATED near the neliyambudhi hills which are western ghats that receive the first monsoon winds during May – July.




If you want to change or destroy a country, Start with destroying its food habits. 

Often whenever people speak of destruction of native culture, it happens through destruction of food cycle and habits.

But, Here is where i think , kerala is forward in its approach, paying more heed to preserving food habits of the land. Most of the food people eat for occasions, are cultivated by themselves. People tend to buy less amount of food material from outside. Also here, 90 percent of any shops doesn’t sell Pepsi or Coco-Cola. Almost most of the shops do contain indian made biscuits and local made eatables.

They indeed sell home made drinks like madhuram soda. Every home follows script dietary principles such as drinking hot water. This will reduce chance of  water borne diseases drastically.

Their food cycle is complete with dishes that suit their weather. And believe me – i surprised my friends by eating total meals without wasting a single bit, put on banana leaf, which i never did in my home. Wah!!! 5 varities of payasam.




We have been accompanied by many volunteers in travelling to different locations. But, not even a single time I see them neglecting basic travel precautions.

Every single person uses Helmet. Any driver who even goes into the village wears a seat belt. Hey! this appears simple. But their self conscious to follow such minute cautions indicates the success of education system.



As the onam meeting programme was going on in the local science center, with the volunteers from 5 states, A man came on a bike to the event hall. Instead of feudal and monarchic receiving procedures, people received him in a simple way. And mohanan introduced me to him as their LOCAL MLA. Mr. BABU KUMAR from nemmara constituency. I was in a shock for a moment for the simplicity of the their leader and peoples simple approach towards their representative. He sat aside the normal people, with no gunmen or security guards or followers behind him. Wah.! Its not about simplicity or greatness, but pure application of democratic principles.



Of course it was a mountain terrain, obviously we come across much greener scenarios through out our journey. After going through too many polluted places, going in bike and enjoying fresh breath of oxygen , made it feel like heaven. Most the landscapes are covered with rivers, waterfalls and full of greenery. Every house is mostly bordered by plants and trees.



Most of the houses were left oriented , we also came across many christian houses. But, we still everyone from every religion celebrating Onam in their own way irrespective of their religious practises. We can see every home is decorated with a Onam special Thrikkakarappan in front of their houses inviting God King Bali to help their families.


Even throughout the events, we can see many children openly participating and singing many songs they like instead of playing the movie songs.



We spend our vacation in Sunil, Mohanan chetta house. First thing I liked in their functioning is that their village is free from open defecation. 

Every house has their own scheme and measures for health without consulting any villages. Ofcourse these people didn’t have the policy of comparing with one another. some of the houses were in old style of architectures, where some of them adopted modern styles. But still everyone is happy with their own houses disregarding any differences with their architecture and life style.

Also, One more good thing to add is, everyone in the house are self dependent. People of all ages participate in the homely duties, irrespective of age and gender.


One good example was the house of mohanan chetta. His house is completely filled with drawings of his children. When asked about the same, His answer was ” Children should never be restricted to do their creative activities. They shall realise things themselves.” 

Also, the kitchen in their house is not a separate room, as the believe that , a kitchen is not a room that is the responsibility of women. 


Thats a small amount of brief introduction of this villages guys…

Before closing this small article I shall not ignore to say that.. All this began with one young sister there…. Saranya . Thank you really. 


and these three wonderful chettans, with whom i wandered across the God’s country.


PEople used to say that KERALA WAS GOD’S OWN COUNTRY

what i felt after the tour it was…




thank you karingulam for such great memories…and all the KYS volunteers for a great memorable time.


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